Talkin and repeating or listening and learning??

Av Karoliina • 19 mars 2016

To get further, to get wiser – You have to get humble and open your self and your mind to learning new things from others. And to learn something new every day is basics to geting where you are heading. Like it or not but if you would all ready know everything you would have reached your goals all ready.

Before I experienced my life stressful and I felt desperate to survive. But while struggling to survive my cancer  I found my inner power to get me my health back and get my life back. I realized that it would only happen if I just really set my mind to it. So as I was laying there in my suffering body I started to see me as healthy and glowing and full of energy. And as impossible as it sounds I started to get better and better.  And that feeling when you realize that that visualizing works with anything in your life. WOW !

That’s very much thanx to my awesome FreedomPreneur friends I’ve met during this latest year. Such a punch of awesome and wise souls. The way to make the biggest changes for a better life is – Sit down, listen, learn, be humble !

Lately I’ve REALY learned and printed in my mind that what my life is and will become, is my decision to action. What I choose to see, feel and believe is the keys to that outcome to your actions. I’ve got such a inspiration of Gabrielle Morrison, Alicia Colon, Regina Van de Velden and Rhonda Swan. And that is just some of the awesome people I’ve met. But to be honest, my biggest teachers in my life still are my kids and my awesome husband. I love the way they support me in every crazy idea I get. lol!

But if you think very carefully you notice that you learn something new from each and one of the people you meet in your life. So even when we meet people that maybe are not behaving in a way we appreciate we should be grateful of meeting them because they have made us more aware of how we don’t want to be. As well as the people we admire, we are copying and implementing their goodness in our actions. So every human being here walking this earth is your teacher in some how.

Since I stepped in the world of teaching yoga and learning more and more my self and not just about yogic philosophy, I have started to feel energized, focused and peaceful even if I’m excited and full of action.

I have worked on to be more aware of the quality of my thoughts so i keep my feelings as positive as possible. When we loose focus on the greatness and start to notice more the things that aren’t the way we wan’t we get stuck and drained. But something we also have to be aware of who we spend our time with. People who make us feel good and energized or people who drain us? Choose wisely. Because keeping people with negative minds around you is not serving neither you or that person, so don’t feel bad about letting go <3

That may just be the ”eye opener” even for that other person – You just never know…

Today we shanted on my  yoga class one of my favorite texts :

Om Saha Navavatu 

Saha Nau Bhunaktu

Saha Viryam Karavavahai

Tejasvi Navaditamastu

Ma Vidvisavahai

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi

May both of us be protected

May both of us be nourished.

May we work together with great energy.

May our study together be brilliant and effective.

May we not hate or dispute each other.

Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

So don’t be afraid to make dreams, goals and take action. 

Make your life joyful and brilliant, life shouldn’t be only surviving.

SamPrema – Namaste !

Yama, Niyama – How You Treat The Others And How You Treat Your Self.
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