Who are you on your Yoga mat?

By Karoliina • 8 October 2016

Let’s face it, We live in a sociaty were We are constantly pushed to be better, faster, more good looking (what’s up with that??!!! Signing….), effective, stronger than others and the most strangest thing; We strive to do this to please others. We never seem to be quite enough. No wonder most of us feel so bad in our selves. Question is; who are you on your Yoga mat? Are you Do’er with force or Are you a seaker in silence? Are you doing your practice because it gives you something  more or are you just following trends, and striving to get others ”oh wow!”-reactions and admiering glanses? Even tho’ I don’t really think that it even matters why you have choosen yoga, or yoga choosen you. What matters that you are on your mat and the rest will fall in to it’s place.

Many of us start our yogic practice as a form of physical activity and training. In the beginning We are many times too busy focusing on to strive to the fancy full poses as fast as possible, so we could shine up on our mats but ens up missing out the point of how it feels in the body and how our practice affects the breathing. We want to look grateful and beautiful in the poses as the Yogi next to you but when We should turn the focus in. We get busy to boost our ego. And don’t miss understand me now. I’m not Judging. I know this because I’ve been there too. On and off. That doesn’t make us any less than others, but the practice is as with any aspekt of yoga to be aware of the intension, reflektions and the state of mind. When we get stuck in ego, that is the main reason why We hurt our selves when we practice Yoga. And to be honest I have also yoga relatated injuries. It happens so easily, but it happens as easily at the gym. As fast as we let the ego drive us we loose the mindfullnes of the practice or training. I fact, most of teachers I have met have Yoga relatated injuries, with makes us even more allert to watch over our students and help to find a safer practice. That doesn’t meen that the students can put the whole responsability on the teacher. The student Hans always the main responsability to know her / his limitations.  There is of course even new Yogis who are tired to strive to be something more all the time and who just are ready to quiet down and find their own selves and settle down in peace. And that is what Yoga should be all about. Many times I hear my self repeating and repeating things like breath, direction, grounding , linements on my classes, some times more than other times but it is always just because I want my students to have a life long safe practice with yoga.

How ever, even with someone who has been done yoga for years, there is these constant Internal battless; what you can’t do and feeling bad about it vs what you can do and getting very happy and excited about it. We just get too emotianally attached to it all and the contrast between can’t and can do gets so overwhealmingly strong that it either way puts us down and makes us want to skip the practice or makes us to push our limits to breaking point, when we End up getting hurt. Or the overwhealming joy when succeeding may make us less precent in the moment and in the body and We can easily loose the focus and get hurt. The success in a new more advanced pose can also make us too eager and ego driven to move faster forward and We again are risking our safe practice. Of course We should cherrish brakethroughs but With out letting it take away The focus.
The feeling of failure and happiness or compairing us to others can create Lack of a awereness of our bodies, breath and mind.

The question we should ask each time we Step on our mats is; Why am I on My mat?  What is My intension? Who am I?

Yoga is eveness in your mind.


Nya vindar av visdomar !
Sthira sukham – Fully awake with comfort and lightness

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