Savasana and why should You practice it

By Karoliina • 14 August 2016

Savasana, The dead mans or Corps pose We all know it, right. Laying down on your mat. Totally still. Relaxed. And it looks and sounds so easy and wonderful. I can almost guarantee that Everyone of us has felt sometimes frustrared over this Finishing pose. You can feel ”antz” claiming your leggs, your eye balls play flipper underneight your eyelids and your thoughs bounzes inside of your head like they would get paid for it. You get frustrated and without notising you are holding your breath. Relaxed and piecefull is barely what you could call that state. But listen to me when I tell you; it Will come and it Will be so worth all these frustrating moments. I used to be exactly like that.

 A short story about how I used to think about Savasana… I counted seconds to get over it and get up, roll your mat and run away on your to do’s. It felt like such a waste of time… But still I felt encyklopedin for The others resting and seeming to honestly liking it!

It tok some serious searching why This was so hard for me and finally I started to understand. I never gave my self permission to relax and I just thought that I simply was that way. But it was so much deeper. I never relaxed, tok vacation from my business, were in quiet car / home or just did NOTHING. Because that would have ment that I would have to face my biggest fears and the uggliest truths, the darkest side of my self. All the traumas caused by others , traumas caused by me and what was the true me based on these things. (You Will understand all of This when and if you choose to read my book when it comes out.) Even though that Savasana is not (nessacary ) meditation pose but a preparation for The Meditation, for me it was a real practice of confronting myself , accepting and embraising my Self With all my flawes. Time after time I was astonished how many Self limitating and mean thoughts I had about my Self. I needed to face them even that they made me so sad. My heart cryed blood. But in some point I started to questioning these things. Is it all really true? Am I all that terrible? Why do I need to hide behind my work, training, smile when it hurt at most? Can I genuint forgive it all and move forward? Ah…. That was a looong school. Unbleasant and terrible but still so sweet and libarating. There is always new leyers to come but I’ve come so far and I embraise every moment of This Change.


In Savasana your body has the opportunity to take benefits from all The poses you have done during your asana practice. When You calm down and relax, your body can start to balance it Self up to get in The right alignment,  get centered. It gives you the possibilities to calm down your central nervous system.

It’s a moment for your reflexions and finding a state of being conciously friend with your surroundings; The ground underneight you and The space around you and creating a relationship to them both, thoughts, feelings and your breath. It’s a practice And it isn’t always easy. There is good days and less good days With Savana as any other Asana. Be curious!! No judgements over any of The things that happens in it, just be aware of it all.

So why do You do Yoga? Don’t you want to have all The benefits of your practice? Don’t skip your Savasana. Keep on trying untill you manage to find The peace within to just lay down and letting go and just Be. You can start to just Stay in it for 3-5 minutes and when you start to feel more ease to Stay still, why not even 15-20 minutes when you have time to do so. But plan your practice to always include At least 3-5 minutes to rest. You are so worth it. It really is one of The most wonderful experiences to find your Self in Savasana!!

And what ever you choose to do, getting into Savasana or Choosing to sit in Sukhasana, but try to avoid to run out from the shala. Both for your own good but also for respect towards other practicers and your Teacher. And if you sometime need to leave the shala, Remember to let Your Teacher know the cause. It’s a nightmare to wonder why someone left and if they are Okay. It happens that people get dizzy or start to feel sick and We just don’t wan’t anyone pass out somewhere alone.

Be a good Yogi!

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