Månadens Yogi Maj 2017 – Anette Fagerlund

By Karoliina • 23 May 2017

På Yoga Samprema vill vi visa hur mycket vi uppskattar våra yogis, därför vill vi inleda ett månatligen återkommande inslag; Månadens Yogi. De som vi intervjuar är inte på något…

Who are you on your Yoga mat?

By Karoliina • 8 October 2016

Let’s face it, We live in a sociaty were We are constantly pushed to be better, faster, more good looking (what’s up with that??!!! Signing….), effective, stronger than others and…

Sthira sukham – Fully awake with comfort and lightness

By Karoliina • 28 September 2016

Many ask and wonder about the asana practice and how difficult it is and how much there are yoga relatated injuries. I think about it like this; how difficult it…

Savasana and why should You practice it

By Karoliina • 14 August 2016

Savasana, The dead mans or Corps pose We all know it, right. Laying down on your mat. Totally still. Relaxed. And it looks and sounds so easy and wonderful. I…

Religion and Yoga

By Karoliina • 2 June 2016

Is Yoga a religion or a cult? And what is Yoga? Can everyone do Yoga ni matter of their religionists backgrounds? These are interesting questions for me as a Yoga…

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