Why do We Yoga??

Av Karoliina • 20 juli 2016

There is as many answers and reasons to This as there is practicers. Some yoga for to shape their body or get more flexible, some because they they seek something…

Religion and Yoga

Av Karoliina • 2 juni 2016

Is Yoga a religion or a cult? And what is Yoga? Can everyone do Yoga ni matter of their religionists backgrounds? These are interesting questions for me as a Yoga…

Yoga and Menopause / Andropause

Av Karoliina • 12 maj 2016

Sometimes these life changes comes out from the woods, when they really are least expected. Menopause can be one of those things. But is there a way of easing the…

Importance of being adaptable as Yoga teacher

Av Karoliina • 3 april 2016

Many time we teachers before workshops or classes tenden to make strickt plans how the class is built and how it is going to be. Sometimes we even get disappointed…

Serving the world or emptying your own cup?

Av Karoliina • 23 mars 2016

Are You feeling All these strange things and feelings happening to You ? Having The feeling that You can’t control these things and You desperately seek ways to numb down…

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