Journey to Padmasana – The Full Lotus Pose

Av Karoliina • 29 mars 2016

Do you have struggle to get into a full Lotus pose? Your knee hurts and your ankles are killing you?? I know how it feels and this has taken me…

Lovely, awful hip openers. The Double Pigeon Pose and the Modification.

Av Karoliina • 27 mars 2016

Hips! Those darn hips! Okay, so this is definitely my achilles heal. And in todays post I’ll show you Double Pigeon Pose and the Modification to it. I have quite…

About Being vulnerable in a role of an Yoga teacher.

Av Karoliina • 25 mars 2016

Yesterday We had This awesome gathering with my fellow Yoga Teachers in our shala. We drank tee, laughed and danced whole evening and reconnected us selves with every part of…

3 most amazing benefits of Yoga for Cancer patients

Av Karoliina • 24 mars 2016

Today I wanted to share today is the 3 most magnificent benefits of yoga when your body is sick in cancer. Or even other illnesses but this journey with Cancer…

Serving the world or emptying your own cup?

Av Karoliina • 23 mars 2016

Are You feeling All these strange things and feelings happening to You ? Having The feeling that You can’t control these things and You desperately seek ways to numb down…

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